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We specialise in the recruitment of IT staff across the spectrum of skills from technical to managerial, permanent or contracting staff.


BEE:  (level 4)


Compuways is BEE Level 4 compliant.

  • This means:100% of your procurement spend with us will count towards your BEE qualification.

  • You can earn further points on your spend towards your procurement scorecard for BEE


We have re-engineered our processes to incorporate Internet and automation technology in the changing roles of the recruiter, employer and job seeker in the recruitment process. Our success is attributed to nurturing loyal clients and candidates, using the Internet to complement the recruitment process. We are able to asses and supply the right level of skill at the right time.

Some of our clients:




Integrated Business Consultancy 

SAP Consulting 




Caltex Oil

United Pharmaceutical

Standard Bank


Standard Merchant Bank

First National Bank

Rand Merchant Bank


Founded in 1990 by the owner Arnold Graaff, then freelance IT consultant. The company started to supply only programmers and later incorporated all IT skills in its portfolio. Arnold Graaff holds an Hons BSc (Computer Science) degree. He has first hand experience of working in the IT industry (locally and internationally) and has worked for companies like African Defence Systems, Dimension Data, Olivetti and Software AG in Europe.

Operations and Procedures:

We have built up a large database through the years by working in a very structured way. 

i) Database and personal reference 
We try to keep contact with everyone on our database even if it is just to say we are still here. A lot of our applicants and clients come to us via personal references. 

ii) Advertising 
We source from the larger internet job sites, daily and IT press as widely as possible. 

iii) Partnerships (local and abroad) 
Locally we network with other agencies and internationally we have partners in India, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union to supply the most sought-after skills. 

iv) Operations 
Our categorisation process starts immediately when a new application is received. Please view our skill categories. 

We also categorise our clients and prospective clients in terms of the business they are in as follows

Consulting House - ERP

It can be significant to look at which kind of individuals are successful in certain types of companies: 

 A Programmer in a vendor - oriented environment will have to have a lot of people skills to succeed as he / she would be required to have a lot of first-line user contact. 

 A Programmer in a Systems Integration environment might have different projects on his plate at the same time. He / she is expected to be solution-oriented and happy to work in different situations an sometimes changing software skills. 

 Every person is different and by looking at the type of companies that brought success out of him / her, we can learn a lot about his needs. 

Consulting House - IT / Management

Developer - Customised Software Packages

Developer - Web Sites

Distributor - Hardware

Distributor - Software

In-house IT Department

In-house IT Department - Advertising

In-house IT Department - Banking

In-house IT Department - Financial

In-house IT Department - Insurance

In-house IT Department - Manufacturing

In-house IT Department - Mining

Internet Service Provider

IT Infrastructure Provider

Personnel Consultant

Supplier - Not an Employer

Systems Integrator

Training Provider

v) Skills questionnaire: 
Every applicant and client position is matched based on a skills questionnaire which is available on our website . 


1. Outsourcing
We form a good partnership with companies who supply an IT consulting service, with a reasonably high staff turnover to warrant the outsourcing of recruitment. For further detail email us about partnerships .

2. Culture
We have a culture of a customer service. We believe in building and maintaining good client relationships with job seekers and employers, the placements come easier. We do try to go the extra mile in achieving these relationships.

3. Alliances
We are working with selective IT recruiters in partnership on a national / international basis. This enables us to share our resources using the power of the Internet. We are also promoting our successful database and recruitment procedure to be used inside our client companies. The growth prospects are excellent. Contact us about partnerships .