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Project Coordinator

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Project Coordinator

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Project Location:

Koffiefontein ( Free State )

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Market Related

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Industrial Qualification/s:

.Blasting Certificate , Mine overseers Certificate

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Job Description:

Project Coordinator

Job Description:

Establish, maintain and manage the project portfolio. Advise on project categorisation and liaise with project managers to update the overall project status report

Task and Responsibilitie:

  • Assist with the production of user documentation
  • Communicate any schedule conflicts, resource constraints and time constraints
  • Co-ordinate and manage all related projects, high level meetings, multi-disciplines and timelines for completion of project
  • Develop and maintain a project status report for all category projects
  • Establish, maintain and manage the project portfolio
  • Identify and anticipate problems with delivery schedules and ensure that the necessary corrective action is taken
  •  Monitor project resources to ensure that they can be effectively allocated for the benefit of the project
  • Prepare and maintain master project plans or schedules as well as subproject plans/schedules for monitoring and tracking purposes
  • Responsible for all logistics, strategic planning and marketing, workload planning of site personnel
  • Responsible to ensure psychological well-being of project team
  • Review project activities for compliance with procedures and standards

Minimum Requirements:

  • Grade 12/ Standard 10
  • Permanent Blasting Certificate (Scheduled Mines)
  • Mine Overseers Certificate of Competency  Valid driver’s license
  • 10 years’ experience in an underground environment
  • A good understanding of project tracking at an underground mine will be an advantage
  • Computer Literacy in Microsoft Office software

Other Skills / Competencies:

  • Adaptability, Analytical Thinking, Attention to Detail, Building Relationships, Leading and Managing Change
  • Collaboration, Communication Skills, Conflict Management, Creativity and Innovation, Crisis Management
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