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Systems Analyst

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Systems Analyst

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Academic Qualification/s:

grade 12

Industrial Qualification/s:

Diploma IT

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Job Description:
Required Qualification

Degree or Diploma in IT

Preferred TOGAF certification


minimum 3 years experience

Skills & Competencies:

Technical systems design experience

Good modeling skills

Experience with modeling tools e.g Visio

Responsibilities will include:

Explore ways to constantly improve quality of existing services, processes and systems in order to be more efficient.

Deliver exceptional service that exceeds customers expectations through proactive, innovative and appropriate solutions by resolving queries quickly and effectively. Cultivate and manage objective working relationships with a variety of stakeholders, including end users, SME and, project managers and senior staff members by providing input to Systems Analyst Merchant Services validate business requirements.

Liaise and communicate the system requirements to the necessary audiences e.g. testers, developers, business analysts, infrastructure, production support, systems analyst (other areas of the business), etc.

Define and document each function that the system is required to perform and the functional boundary of the system by defining and analyzing the required interactions between the system and its environment in terms of interface and integration constraints to ensure that business needs/requirements are satisfied by the system requirements.

Comply, understand and align to all steps within IT development and meet governance in terms of legislative and audit requirements.

Analyse the integrity of the system requirements, perform -impact assessment on each requirement, document and maintain the set of system requirements together with the associated rationale, effort, decisions, dependencies and assumptions.

Manage traceability between the system requirements and derived artifacts including system models to the relevant detail.

Ensure adequate unit tests are performed for all configuration and development tasks and ensure results are successful. Ensure testing yields an acceptable level of performance for the changes being delivered and the application is not adversely affected.

Continuously assess own performance, seek timely and clear feedback and request training where appropriate.

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