CV Tips       Examples

A good CV should address the following elements, even if they are given in a different format.

Company Position From Until
ABC Inc. IT Consultant 1 January 1998 Current

Project Description: Order entry system development (9 months)

The duration gives an indication of the intensity of the work. In the above example we are assuming the days were 7.5 hour workdays. We assume that you have worked so many hours on this project. If it was a part-time project, it is better to give the duration on hours, days or weeks.

This system was developed for the sales people of company x to enable them to enter orders on-line while speaking over the telephone. 

Every system makes the life easier of someone - the users of the system. Express it in their language.  Have a look at our business skills to see in which industry to classify this project.

My responsibilities and team structure:

Two Analyst / Programmers and one Business Analyst. I was the Analyst Programmer responsible for the programming of the order entry part of the system - the other part being the reporting part. I received my specifications  from the Business Analyst who primarily interfaced to the users. I performed the database design as well as coding.

Remember the SDLC : (Software development life cycle)? Have a look at our job skills to see which part was your part on this project.


The business analysts used VISIO for the business requirements definition and process design. We all used SELECT Case tools to design the database entity model. Programming was done in VISUAL BASIC 6.0 with SQL SERVER 7.0 as Database. I used DAO to access the database.
Have a look at our software skills to see which tools you used.

Project Description: LAN Installation (3 months)

For use by all staff in the company for information sharing from PC to PC, email and internet access. This LAN consisted of 20 Workstations and two servers.

My responsibilities and team structure:

I did the investigation, planning, quotation, installation, testing and administration all by myself. 


COMPAQ PC's for the workstations and servers. 3COM network cards were used. NT Server 4.0 and NT Workstation 4.0 with Microsoft Exchange 5.0, Proxy Server 2.0, and Microsoft Office 2000 installed on each workstation.