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Skills in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

SDLC - Software development Life Cycle : In small companies all 5 functions could be done by one person, but in big companies, with big systems, these are sub - divided for specialisation.

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Business Analysis

Business analysts interface to the users and has strong business knowledge. They have to translate these into specifications that the programmer understand, though. A business analyst might come from a user (non-it) background and have strong functional knowledge. On the other hand he might have been a programmer who has outgrown programming and became more interested in business. Whichever, people skills and business knowledge in the specific industry where the system is used must be well-developed

Tools used include UML - oriented case tools like Rational Rose , Poseidon and more

Quality Assurance, Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing is done before the system or changes to it is handed back to the user. This is to minimise the chances of errors being present in the live system.

Tools used include MERCURY , WINRUNNER , TEST DIRECTOR and more

Graphics Design

Screen layouts development in the case of normal computer systems and. In the case of Web sites, this is a specialised field with lots of exciting software products to do animation etc.

Tools used include MACROMEDIA FLASH , FIREWORKS, and more



Systems Analysis, Programming

1) The systems Analyst was a programmer before, but not doing pure programming anymore, rather designing within the architectural boundaries of the programming language environment like .NET or JAVA. He leads the programmers in terms of technical design issues.

2) Programmers are the kings of the code. Their strong point is to code and code fast as is most of the time required. They are true masters of the programming language and may receive instructions from their systems or business analysts if they are working in a big team but if in a small team or alone, they do everything.

Tools used include (Lng) JAVA , J2EE , C#.NET , ASP.NET , VB.NET , VB6 ( VISUAL BASIC) , ASP , C++ , AJAX , DELPHI , COBOL , NATURAL, ANSI C , SQL , Embedded SQL , INGRES , PROGRESS , ABAP, SAS , PHP , JOOMLA and more



Documentation, Technical Writing

User Manual development, Test Manual development. Testing of the system to see if it conforms to the user requirements as specified by the Business Analysts.


Career Development in the Software Development Life Cycle

Job titles used in the SDLC

Trainee programmer , Web Designer , Junior Programmer ,  Programmer , Developer , Systems Analyst , Systems Architect , Business Analyst ( BA ) , Development Team Leader , Software Development Project Manager