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Skills in the ERP Industry

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ERP systems are supplied and customised by ERP Consulting Houses or Partner companies

ERP Consultants

Because every ERP user company has a unique requirement, ERP Consultants are required to be able to configure the applicable modules of the product to suit every client user company.

ERP Specialists / Business Analysts

The term 'Consultant' is used when the company provides a service to other companies. the buyer / receiving company. The person supplying the service in a SAP Consulting house we call a SAP Consultant and the receiver of the service who might have similar qualifications we refer to as a SAP Business Analyst.

ERP Super-Users and Users

The end users of the system is an important community in the continuing evolvement of the system. The users are the true champions of the business area. Often one user in a group is seconded to represent all the user's inputs to the system to the development team and is then called a 'Super-User'. Often Super users are groomed to become ERP Consultants because of their superior knowledge of the business area.

SAP ERP Specialists / Consultants:

To plot the type of experience you have obtained in your career, we use a spreadsheet which plots the functions in the lifecycle of a project against the modules on the right. You then have to fill in the months spent on each function in each module listed in the next column.

Process Design



ABAP programming

User Support and Training

Hands - on using of the system


Some SAP Modules:

EH&S Environmental Health & Safety

FI Financial Accounting
FI-GL General Ledger Accounting
FI-LC Consolidation
FI-AP Accounts Payable
FI-AR Accounts Receivable
FI-BL Bank Accounting
FI-AA Asset Accounting
FI-SL Special Purpose Ledger
FI-FM Funds Management
FI-CA Contract Accounting
CO Controlling
CO-OM Overhead Costing
CO-PA Profitability Analysis
CO-PC Product Cost Controlling
AM Asset Management
PS Project System
FS Insurance
FS-CD Collections and disbursements
FS-CM Claims management
FS-CS Commissions management
FS-PM Policy management
FS-RI Reinsurance management
FS-PE Payment Engine
IS Industry Solutions
IS-A Automotive
IS-ADEC Aerospace and Defence
IS-AFS  Apparel and Footwear
IS-B  Banking
IS-BEV Beverage
IS-CWM  Catch Weight Management
IS-DFS  Defence and Security
IS-H  Hospital
IS-HER  Higher Education
IS-HSS  Hospitality Management
IS-HT  High tech
IS-M  Media
IS-MIN  Mining
IS-MP  Milling (or IS-MILL)
IS-OIL  IS-PS  Public Sector
IS-R  Retail
IS-REA  Recycling Admin
IS-SP  Service Provider
IS-T  Telecommunications
IS-U  IS-U Supplier Switch  
IS-U EDM  IS-U EDM Billing  
IS-U Aggregated Billing  
HR Human Resources
HCM (Human Capital Management)
HR-OM  Organizational Management
HR-PA Personnel Administration
HR-PB Recruitment
HR-PD Personnel Development
HR-PT Time Management
HR-PY Payroll Management
HR-TEM  Training and Event Management
HCM Human Capital Management
LE Logistics Execution
PLM Product Lifecycle Management
PM Plant Maintenance
MM Materials Management
QM Quality Management
PP Production Planning
PP-PI Production Planning Process Industries.
SD - Sales and Distribution
SCM - Supply Chain Management
SRM - Supplier Relationship Management
BW - Business Information Warehouse
SEM - Strategic Enterprise Management
WM - Warehouse Management
HUM - Handling Unit Management
AF&R - Advanced Forecasting & Replenishment

Career Development in the ERP Industry

Job titles used in the SAP industry:

SAP Functional Consultant, SAP Business Analyst, ABAP Programmer, SAP Super User, SAP Basis Administrator, SAP Project Manager, SAP ERP Consultant

Other ERP Industry Players:

ORACLE Financials, BAAN, JDE, MS Great Plains, Pastel Evolution, Sage Accpac