Frequently Asked Questions:

When am I regarded as a consultant?

When your company (consulting house) sells your services to other companies (user company).

In product oriented consulting we refer to ERP environments (SAP / BAAN / ORACLE FINANCIALS).

The product has to be configured for every client differently.

In a non-product environment like Management consulting, advice and management services is sold to clients.

What is support?

When your company sells a hardware / networking or software product which cannot be customised to other companies, they are expected to supply assitance in setting up / using the product - also for administering bugs and fixes (new releases).
For example MS Office, Accounting packages, hardware and networking.

How does Job Alerts work?

Your profile determines what kind of job alerts you will get. When we get a job specification from a client, we store it with the main skills required. We then use these skills to do a match to your profile. If you have these skills on your profile, we then alert you by sending you this job specification by email.

We also do another way of matching. This entails a normal search on the "Best Skills" field on your profile.

How do I optimise my chances?

1) By completing your Job, Software and Business skills properly. We recommend that you only fill in skills from level 3 and up. This will ensure that you are more accurately matched and will not receive mismatched job alerts.

2) You must list your 1-3 best skills in your "Best Skills" field. This is also searchable by employers visiting the site. They will then contact us to see if your profile is available.

How will you help me in finding a job?: 

1) We list your anonymous profile on our website so that if anyone spots it in your category, they will contact us and we will contact you.

2) We do marketing of our candidates to our client base on a one-by-one basis and we will ask you for example which companies you want us not to contact.

3)We do not demand exclusivity because you will know exactly who has your CV; in other words you may go to other agencies too (for your own benefit they should also have the same kind of confidentiality).