Compuways upgrades to a live feed to better serve employers and candidates

[Johannesburg, 5 December 2008] Compuways, a local IT recruitment company has recently made an upgrade that substantially benefits both its clients and job-seekers. By upgrading its Web services to include a live RSS feed, Compuways now publishes jobs and candidate profiles directly and instantly to the Internet. Read More

Students learn better after hours, over longer time periods - Compuways

[Johannesburg, 25 November 2008] Compuways has gained valuable insight by asking its students what they want and how they prefer to study. After some trial and error, the local IT training and recruitment company has learned that its students prefer courses to happen after hours, and over longer periods of time than the traditional jam-packed few days. Read More

Change your life forever � become a Java developer in 15 weeks

Student embraces course and goes from zero to Java developer in 15 weeks

[Johannesburg, 18 November 2008] There is a perception in the market that it takes years to develop the right skills to become a Java Developer. Not so says Compuways. By joining its Beginning Programming with Java, a previously unemployed student with no previous programming experience managed to get certified in 15 weeks. Read More

Compuways: Recruiting the right candidate can take only seven days

[Johannesburg, 19 September 2008]  Setting the scenario of what companies are looking for when it comes to IT recruitment may be a daunting task for some. However, Compuways, an IT recruitment specialist, highlights that IT placements can be done quickly and efficiently if a client outsources to recruiters who know what their clients need. Read More

Compuways - 18 years and going stronger

[Johannesburg, 31 July 2008] As South Africa faces a skills shortage, IT recruitment company Compuways CEO reveals his secrets for success in IT recruitment. Read More

Compuways deploys key tools - securing top talent

[Johannesburg, 12 June 2008] At a time when the industry seems to be in a spiral with regards to securing talent, local ICT recruitment and skills specialist Compuways has geared its offerings with a unique toolset to ensure it can harness South Africa's very best. Read More

Friends-only need apply:

[Johannesburg, 7 April 2008] A good and credible reference in most industries goes a long way in successfully placing candidates. However, if that reference is a friend, it could go a whole way further. Read More


[Johannesburg, 1 November 2007]When matching an IT candidate to a job there first needs to be basic thinking done, because job names alone cannot be used to match people. Read More

Skills shortage? Working as a team is crucial

[Johannesburg, 10 July 2007] Recruitment is a team effort between mainly the three role players in the recruitment function. Read More

Compuways offers training course

[Johannesburg, 4 June 2007] Compuways Training (Getcertified) has released schedules of part-time training courses for July 2007. Read more

Compuways sponsors international university research project in IT Professional's stress / wellness.

July 2004 - Compuways is assisting in this groundbreaking international research project by making their database of IT Professionals available and also marketing it to the wider IT Industry. Read more.

Compuways moves to new business premises

June 2004 - Compuways has occupied their new offices in Pinewood Office Park, 33 Riley Road, Woodmead, Johannesburg.  Read more.

Compuways rated amongst top 4 IT Recruitment companies in South Africa

January 2004 - The Corporate Research  Foundation ( ) specialises in researching companies for best business practises and then publishes books about their findings. In their book : "Top ICT Companies in South Africa 2003/2004" they have rated Compuways amongst the top 4 IT recruitment companies in South Africa Read more.

Compuways launches training division.

[Johannesburg, 23 January 2003] Compuways IT Professional Search has launched a training division to deliver IT training courses to the IT industry and to people who want to enter the IT industry. Read More