Skills shortage? Working as a team is crucial

[ 2007] Recruitment is a team effort between mainly the three role players in the recruitment function.

1) The employer
2) The recruiter
3) The candidate

A lot of time in recruitment is wasted because of bad communication among the role players. We have included new functionality in our Web-enabled recruitment procedure to assist in communication and empowering all three of them more in the recruitment process.

Our recruitment procedure is designed to match candidates accurately to employer/job specifications and make life easier for employer and candidate.

This is facilitated by our highly-skilled recruiters. Our procedure relies mainly on categorisation of job-seekers and job specifications across the whole IT skills spectrum. New candidates and jobs are immediately categorised into 20 categories, based on job functions.

We look carefully at:

* Career path development - Types of companies the candidate worked for in the past.
* If the candidate was successful in a certain type of company or team, then he would certainly also be successful in a similar company/team.

Online candidate services (free):

When candidates register online with us on our Web site, they can: Fill in a detailed skills analysis to plot their experience and help us to match them accurately to job specs; upload their CV; search for all our currently active jobs in categories of job functions; apply online for jobs; track where their CV was submitted by us (only after an interview with us); receive feedback online on every application; receive job alerts when a matching job spec is received by us; and refer a friend to us and stand a chance to win a R1 000 bonus if placed.

Online employer services (free):

When employers register online with us on our Web site, they can: Search our database for candidates on IT skills and job functions; request to see the CVs of candidates whose profiles they liked; add positions online; keep track of CVs that we have submitted to their positions; provide feedback on applicants online; and receive e-mail reports on our broader recruitment activity.

On-line recruiter services.

Our recruiters can: Keep track of candidates they have interviewed (CRM); provide feedback online; keep track of employers (CRM); and record CVs submitted to positions.

We pride ourselves on accurate matching, thereby not wasting anyone's time in the recruitment process, and keeping high standards of ethics. We can supply references of happy customers on request.

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