Friends-only need apply:

[2008] A good and credible reference in most industries goes a long way in successfully placing candidates. However, if that reference is a friend, it could go a whole way further.

"In our 18 years of experience in the IT recruitment industry, we have found the 'buddy system' to be particularly effective in identifying and placing good and credible people in the IT industry." says Arnold Graaff, CEO of Woodmead-based IT recruitment agency Compuways.

"Clearly, motivating our referee-base makes good business sense. Hence the introduction of the 'Referral Bonus System' to our IT professional member base where we pay bonuses to our referees (ie, your friend) in cases of successful placements."

"Naturally there are conditions which include aspects such as the seniority of the placed candidates, which in turn determines their annual remuneration package. For instance, in cases of under R200 000 per annum, the referee would receive a pro-rata amount."

To qualify for the Referral Bonus System, both the referee and referral must be registered on the Compuways Web site (

Since its inception some 18 years ago, Compuways has offered a diverse range of services to the IT industry, both locally and internationally. These include career guidance, remuneration advice, cross-training advice (, general online recruitment services as well as freelancing opportunities/placements.

Says Graaff: "What places Compuways among the top end of IT recruitment companies is its focus on the many dimensions of recruitment needs in IT. In addition, our services focus on immediate, short- and long-term requirements of IT professionals.

"We have taken recruitment a step further by partnering with our candidates and positioning ourselves as a career counsellor for life"