Compuways: Recruiting the right candidate can take only seven days

[ 2008]  Setting the scenario of what companies are looking for when it comes to IT recruitment may be a daunting task for some. However, Compuways, an IT recruitment specialist, highlights that IT placements can be done quickly and efficiently if a client outsources to recruiters who know what their clients need.

In an example of what an efficient recruitment process should look like, Arnold Graaff, managing director at Compuways, has highlighted the following steps as part of the professional IT recruitment process, and how it can happen in as little as seven days.

Client contact with your organisation is always day one of the process, so an IT recruitment scenario typically looks like this: lets say a software solutions supplier in Cape Town requires a pre-sales engineer in an infrastructure, backup software supplier environment, so they call Compuways to assist.

Day two is where agreement of the terms and the details of the position that needs to be filled are reached, it is at this point where Arnold and his team go about identifying suitable candidates from their extensive database of external sources that Compuways has built up. After compiling the list of potential candidates they contact them individually and begin the assessment process by discussing the position and confirming their ability, interest, and availability.

"A critical step in the process is refining what the clients needs are and matching these exactly with the candidates we have on our books. Once this process has been done, we further refine the process and enter day three in the process, which is identifying the two best candidates, confirm their said skills with previous employers and references, and then only do we submit their details to our client," adds Graaff.

It is at this stage where the calibre of the candidate comes into play. The Compuways system automates much of this process and negates the possibility that emotions may get involved in the decision-making process.

"We have never been told by a client that we got it wrong and that we need to go back and find new candidates, day four in our process always results in our clients agreeing on the suitability of the candidate suitability and then inviting the top candidates for an interview. Which is often followed by a second interview, which is done within three days of the first and then an offer is made."

"The process really is this simple and pain-free, and on average takes no longer than seven days to get a fully qualified candidate that suits the position, company and work environment to the tee," adds Graaff.

The highlighting factor is that placements can be made simple if outsourced recruiters like Compuways know exactly what the client is looking for, but the onus is on the recruiter to make the effort to get to know what their client is looking for. The crux of the process lies in knowing which candidates to line up for the position.

"It is important to talk the same language as the client before we start searching for candidates, so the resulting candidates are exactly what they are looking for. This makes the experience on both sides so much more rewarding," ends Graaff.."