Compuways upgrades to a live feed to better serve employers and candidates

[2008] Compuways, a local IT recruitment company has recently made an upgrade that substantially benefits both its clients and job-seekers. By upgrading its Web services to include a live RSS feed, Compuways now publishes jobs and candidate profiles directly and instantly to the Internet.

Striving to give its clients the best services possible and stay aligned with the latest technology trends, it has succeeded in enhancing its service offering to its clients and job-seekers through the benefits of the live feed.

This exciting new feature enables employers to be notified almost immediately when a certain skill becomes available in the market and in turn also enables job seekers to be notified immediately when we receive a job listing,” says Arnold Graaff, managing director of Compuways.

The true beauty of the RSS feed also lies in the way subscribers can access the feed from all standard feed-reader programs such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Reader and Outlook to name but a few, and to top it off the feed can be personalised from these programmes to filter out the profiles that they do not want. Added to this, both the jobs and candidates can be accessed and read by other Web sites because they are posted in international XML format.

“This has opened up the possibility for HR departments with their own in-house recruitment databases to import candidate profiles which we recommend to them, and also allows for a better working relationship between us and our recruitment partners who wish to market their candidates' skills via the feed to our own clients.

“The advantages of the live feed have really benefitted our candidates and employers by improving the communication between us and our clients. With the instant response on the feed it means there is literally no waiting time and our clients can receive the updates they want as soon as they are posted,” adds Graaff

Compuways has also found that the live feed helps in ensuring that clients get access to every opportunity on the system. In a typical scenario it often happens that recruiter A receives a job specification for which a candidate of recruiter B might qualify. Now, regardless of whether recruiter B knows about the position or not, the candidate will be informed through the RSS live feed. Therefore the candidate becomes empowered and can apply for the jobs best suited, not only the ones that the recruiter thinks are optimal.

A second scenario that might occur is when a client or recruiter A needs, for example, a Java developer; recruiter B has interviewed some and is not aware of recruiter A's requirement. The client can actually see this information on the RSS feed.."