Compuways sponsors international university research project in IT Professional's stress / wellness.

July 2004 - Compuways is assisting in this groundbreaking international research project by making their database of IT Professionals available and also marketing it to the wider IT Industry.

Is IT really stressful?
[Johannesburg, 2 July 2004] - Researchers at the North-West University and the University of Utrecht in Holland are conducting an online survey to determine the stress levels of the IT professional's working environment.

The researchers hope the survey results will provide an indication of the prevalence of stress in IT careers, and also provide a method for measuring stress levels, says researcher Christelle Westerman.


“We found that there are no certain benchmarks in SA for measuring stress. Using the results, we want to make recommendations for the prevention and management of occupational stress burn-out for IT professionals.”

Stress levels in the workplace are on the rise, says Westerman, and this is particularly evident in the IT field, where people experience high levels of burn-out and work overload. “Stress levels in IT have increased dramatically in the past few years. Some of our research showed that many people are working in an unhealthy work environment.”

The survey will be run over the next three months, she says. “We are hoping for a minimum of 400 participants, that is the quota we have set. If we don't reach it, we might have to consider extending it.”

To ensure that only IT professionals take part in the survey, the university enlisted the help of IT consulting firm Compuways, says Westerman. “We needed to use a database for our research, and Compuways has a list of IT contacts.”

Compuways will send the survey to IT clients and place a link to the survey on its site in order to increase participation.

As an incentive to take part in the survey, Compuways will provide one participant with a Java or .Net training course worth R6 000.